Tadashi Takaoka
Head of Entrepreneurship for Chile
Industrial engineer and Master in operations management from the University of Chile. He is an expert in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and is one of the few cases in Chile that has seen the ecosystem of entrepreneurship from various fronts: - Innovation consultant for large companies like BancoEstado Microempresas, Gasco, Walmart Financial Services, among others. - CEO of Innovation Club Chile, a company which he saved from bankruptcy when he took the management after 7 years of existence of the entity. - Digital Entrepreneur with Supermanket, reaching more than 25,000 users in less than a year. - CEO of the Chilean accelerator Magical Startups. - Professor of undergraduate and graduate courses in University of Chile in entrepreneurship and innovation. - Professional lecturer on innovation, entrepreneurship and the current situation of Chile both locally and in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Canada. Today he serves as Head of Entrepreneurship division of Corfo, which manages the financing strategy of startups and ecosystems, including the program Start-Up Chile.