Sarolta Borzási
Global Entrepreneurship Network
United States
Policy Associate
Sarolta serves as a Project Manager at the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Her work focuses on two main projects, Startup Nations, a public policy-focused initiative, and the Global Business Angels Network, dedicated to expanding access to early-stage capital. For Startup Nations, Sarolta works on developing a strong compendium of public policies and programs, the Startup Nations Atlas of Policies, and building relationships between public policy experts around the world via GEN initiatives, namely the Startup Nations Summit, the Startup Nations Ministerial and the Startup Nations Policy Hack. She supports the connection between Startup Nations members and the global entrepreneurship community. Sarolta also coordinates the operations of the Global Business Angels Network, a global community of business angel networks and organizations. GBAN brings greater public awareness and engagement to the role that business angels play in helping new firms start and scale.