Irene Piki
Presidency - Republic of Cyprus
Head of Smart Regulation, Investment and Enterpreneurship
Irene is Head of Better Regulation, Investment and Entrepreneurship Division at the Unit of Administrative Reform (UAR) in the Presidency of the Republic of Cyprus. UAR, which was formed in October 2014, deals with the formulation and implementation of the new Growth Agenda. In this capacity she was one of the main authors of the Policy Statement of Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, approved by the Council of Ministers in 2015. She is in the Secretariat monitoring and steering its implementation and has played a catalytic role in the implementation of actions like, participation in GEM, tax incentives for innovative firms and start ups and start up visa and introduction of an SME test. Irene joined the government in 1997 and worked for 10 years in the department responsible for EU regional policy. During the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2012, she was Head of the Programme and Policy Coordination Unit. She studied Regional Science at Reading University and holds a Master on Environmental and Resource Economics from University College London. SNAP contributions: Tax incentives for Innovative firms and Startups Cyprus Startup Visa