Diana Durusbek kyzy
Public Foundation "KG Labs"
Having a multi-disciplinary and broad academic background, I am rather a “multipotentialite” (see talk at TED by Emilie Wapnick) with many interests in international security and diplomacy, sustainable development, economics, green economy, social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Building long-term international cooperation and interdependence in security politics and business are my aspirations. I strongly believe that these can be achieved by building sustainable relations between nations, states, business groups and markets. Although global e-commerce start-ups and hi-tech related trends are stimulating international interconnectedness, the role of person-to-person contact will always be a significant factor for communication, negotiation, and realization of multi-national projects. I would like to become one of those professionals who connect people for continuous exchange of information and skills and network building, in a way that is mutually beneficial. I am highly interested in Central Asia, as in the time of the “Silk Road”, the region is a key area for countries to come together politically and economically. More information at: kglabs.org / linkedin.com/in/diana-durusbek-kyzy-2b25a746