Carmen Bermejo
Asociación Española de Startups
Carmen Bermejo is the President of the Spanish Startups Association, which aims at improving the startup ecosystem in Spain. In 2014 and 2015, Carmen was actively involved in the writing and publicizing of the Spanish Startup Manifesto, an open letter addressed to Spanish and EU political representatives and the general public explaining the challenges the startup ecosystem faces so as to live up to this ecosystem’s full potential. The Association was the first tangible result and the natural step after the publication of the Manifesto. Carmen also serves as the Vicepresident of Tetuan Valley, of which she was the previous CEO for three years. Tetuan Valley is a not-for-profit association helping early-stage startups which organizes, among other activities, the “Startup School”, one of the first pre-accelerator programs in Europe (the first one with a not-for-profit approach) and one of the best considered. Other Tetuan Valley’s activities include several EU-funded programs working with European pre-accelerators, accelerators, institutions and entrepreneurs to improve conditions for digital entrepreneurship in Europe. Graduated as a computer engineer, she has been working for the dynamization of Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem and helping seed startups for more than six years.