Sami Lehto
RANCHISING® / Goodmood Highland Ltd
Chief Operating Officer Ranchising® is an agribusiness franchising model, based on application of benchmarked techniques, software applications, sustainable practices, job creation, woman empowerment, entrepreneurship – all heading to sustainable farming. Belong – Believe – Achieve The sustainability of farming. It mobilizes social innovation solutions for job creation, food security, support smallholder and emerging farmers and promotes sustainable agricultural development and community development across the continent's; promoting access to food markets on a sustainable self-contained basis through digital transformation. Ranchising® concept and digitalization will place the rural ‘family’ farming back to its fundamental value, seen as the most important source of development, and target for investments to fight hunger. It will establish a viable and effective platform for mobilizing existing social capital, learn from successful models, create and mobilize Ranchising® structures, enhance the skills development paradigms, support emerging farmers through supporting continuing professional development (CPD) for rural practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders to roll out Ranchising®.