Hikmat Abdurahmanov
Association of International Business & Technologies (AMBiT)
Chairman of the Association of International Business & Technologies (AMBiT)
Hikmat Abdurahmanov serves as a Chairman of the Association of International Business & Technologies in Uzbekistan(AMBiT). Hikmat is also serial entrepreneur with a global focus. He is a co-founder of commercial group of companies with a total staff of 100 people, all involved in international business, including trade, finance, business tourism, logistics, advisory services and owns business center providing various b2b services with an overall mission of serving as a bridge between Uzbek SME's and foreign companies. Cooperating countries and regions include China, EU, USA, CIS, Middle East, South East Asia offering industrial machinery and equipment to Uzbekistan. Hikmat is also an active member of local & regional business communities. He is an in demand public speaker and opinion leader with a personal mission of nourishing a passion for entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan. Among his recent projects are: a social media project Business Lab & the 1st business incubator & co-working space in Tashkent for young entrepreneurs. Hikmat holds both a BA (2001) and MA (2004) in International Economic Relations from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent, and a MSc (2006) in International Business from School of Management at the University of St. Andrews(UK). He also participated in numerous trainings, academies, fellowships around the world: Uzbek-Japan Center, Johns Hopkins/Rumsfeld Fellowship, Central Eurasian Leadership Academy (served as Chair), International Visitors’ Leadership Program with Entrepreneurs Organization (IVLP/ EO), Managers Training Program in Germany, Mashav Fellowship in Israel, International Leadership Program under British Foreign Office, Asian Forum for Global Governance in India, fellowship on understanding HongKong's role in One Belt One Road strategy, Austrian Leadership program etc.