Rebecca Palmer
EntreLaunch Inc.
Founder of EntreLaunch, Community Builder
Rebecca is a serial entrepreneur and community builder with a mission to inspire innovation, transform lives and connect communities. A lifelong learner, she stays up to date on new trends, needs and strategies with a focus on global entrepreneurship, strategic shifts and social good. In 2014 she recruited 52 entrepreneurs from around the globe to help form the groundwork for EntreLaunch Foundation resulting in a second place finish in a global business plan pitch. In 2012, Rebecca’s StartUp Weekend team placed second for their FreshCube pitch on vertical hydroponic farming inside repurposed cargo containers. Rebecca is a founding member of StartUp Canada Barrie community, was a delegate to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) in 2014 and a delegate at the Global Entrepreneurial Congress (GEC) in 2016 and 2017. Rebecca also sits on the Georgian College BENT (Entrepreneurship) Advisory board and was previously vice-chair of the Barrie Public Library Board.