Alberto Saracho
Fundación IDEA
Economic Development Director and Founding Partner
Alberto Saracho has a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard University, specialized in Economic Development. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences from Universidad Iberoamericana. He is one of the founding members of Fundación IDEA, where he has specialized in trade, entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness, education and energy, among other topics. Some of the projects he has supervised are: Regulatory Improvement recommendations for the Mexican State of Hidalgo; an analysis to promote SMEs participation in textile global value chains for the APEC; and a diagnosis of innovation training needs of policy-makers in the Pacific Alliance for NESTA. Mr. Saracho previously served as Aerial Transport Advisor in the Under Secretary of Transport in the Mexican Federal Government, and as Research Assistant in the Mexico Project at Harvard University. Since 2007, he is the Academic Advisor of Mexicanos Primero A.C. Some of his publications are: Transversal analysis on the expenditure on policies to support entrepreneurs (2015), Building, generation and analysis of indicators to measure the state and evolution of the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem (2015), both published by the United Nations Development Program; and SME and Entrepreneurship policy: A User’s Guide for Policymakers (2013) funded by USAID, among others.