Nutthapon Nimmanphatcharin
Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA)
President and CEO of DEPA
Assist. Prof. Dr. Nuttapon, experts in Digital Economy Promotion, SMEs Promotion, STI Policy, Management and Planning, has spanned over 15 years, covering a broad cross section of appointments including those of Business Consultant, Assistant to Dean (Faculty of Business Administration), Assistant to Dean (School of Business Administration), and Adjunct Professor at Siam University and PIM Institution; Former Director of Sectoral Strategy and Plan for SMEs Department, Former Director of SMEs Sectoral Warning and Analysis Department, Former Director of Technology and Information Centre, and Founder of SMEs Flying Geese Program (PPP Project) at Office of Small and Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP) with his work experienced e.g. Develop SMEs Plans and Strategies; SMEs Database Development, Design and Implement Performance Appraisal System for SMEs Policy Establish alignment between SMEs policy goals and SME goals through Cross-Functional Projects and outside-work activities etc.; Former Senior Director of Research and Policy Management at National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) Thailand which was responsible for a formulation of National Science Technology and Innovation Master Plan 2012-2021, STI Indicator Development and Analysis, Design and Implement Performance Appraisal System for STI Policy, etc. Currently, he is a President and a CEO at Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), which responsible for formulating DE promotion plan and producing policy recommendations for the improvement of laws and regulations, provide for indicators, databases, indexes, and research studies for the benefit of digital economy and society determination, coordinate and follow up on digital technology and innovation in compliance with the plan and program, supporting and developing the digital ecosystem and integrating the digital promotion works of all public and private agencies, domestically and internationally, to ensure their accomplishment in line with the DE promotion plan, supporting for the promotion and the development of digital infrastructure and system, digital manpower, digital economy and digital society projects, and administering the enabling instruments and tools in line with the DE Promotion Plan.