Kätlin Kattai
Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK)
Head of Client and International Relations
Kätlin Kattai has vast experience in international relations and communication both from the public as well as from the private sector. She has a long time experience in working in an international environment, having lived and worked in various European countries, hence making her an experienced PR expert in different cultural backgrounds. As Head of Client and International Relations at the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK), she is responsible for the coordination of business services line in RIK and promotion of e-governance solutions developed and maintained by RIK. She has shared RIK’s experiences and best-practices at international conferences, forums, competitions and at EU ministers and working groups level. She has also participated as a senior expert in projects and moderated visits and trainings across borders in the field of e-Business Register, e-Land Register and e-Justice. Her responsibilities also include the coordination of international collaboration between RIK and its foreign partners, drawing-up of collaboration and training plans and processes documentation. Her economic background study-wise together with the previously mentioned qualifications enable her to see the bigger picture, finding and proposing solutions appropriate for each specific context.