GEN Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Managing Director
An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder. A startups' consultant and an entrepreneurship specialist with vast experience in Finance and Accounting. He has provided entrepreneurial and financial coaching to multiple SME’s from different industries, such as manufacturing, High Tech Innovations, Information Technology, Platforms & Applications, and Information Security. In addition, he provided professional consultancy to multiple technology & manufacturing focused startups and new businesses concentrating on market research, new businesses development, financial analysis, strategic business planning, and other objectives. Along with his recent assignment as the Managing Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Saudi Arabia where he is involved in building the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Saudi Arabia in daily basis, Marwan Jamal is holding the position of a Business Development Manager, at Qotuf AlRiyadah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he is serving the cause of promoting and improving the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem for the startups in Saudi Arabia. In addition, he works as the Accelerators Manager at Qotuf where he is responsible of managing the cycles in Flat6Labs Jeddah accelerator. In this program, startups get to fast-track their growth and development through obtaining financial & professional support throughout the acceleration program. Marwan was involved in various consulting projects, throughout his experience, where he has contributed to numerous merger and acquisition operations and has helped in formulating many governmental infrastructure projects with the Saudi Ministry of Labor. Furthermore, he has audited the financials of multiple Saudi and international corporations in different industries during his time in one of the “Big Four”. Along with building healthy Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Marwan’s passion is to guide entrepreneurs, startups, and other SME’s in overcoming their challenges and achieving their objectives.