Marie Claire Testa
Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business
I have read for a Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies and a First Degree in European Studies. Currently I work in the Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate within the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business where I work as a Manager for Enterprise Policy. My main responsibilities include; ▪ Providing feedback to the EU Affairs Directorate and other Directorates within our Ministry on specific issues relating to enterprise policy and schemes, ▪ Develop an enterprise policy for Malta with a particular focus on small and micro enterprises while ensuring that initiatives in the interest of SMEs link with Government's industrial policy for Malta, ▪ To disseminate information relating to enterprise policy and schemes to key stakeholders and seek feedback on relevant issues as necessary, ▪ Oversee, provide guidance and monitor the Small Business Act (Malta). I assist government departments, government entities or government agencies in the application, analysis and interpretation of the SME Test. I help legislating entities identify alternative measures aimed at mitigating the negative effect on SMEs identified in the SME Test without derogating from the aims which the instrument is meant to achieve. I also facilitate consultation by the government departments, government entities or government agencies with the relative SME bodies and representatives specifically through the Enterprise Consultative Council which is held once every three months, ▪ Monitor progress under the Small Business Act for Europe. Liaise with the Government department and entities to report any progress registered under any one of the ten principles listed in the SBA (Europe) and provide guidance on any measures or policies that can be adopted to implement the SBA (Europe) at a local level, ▪ In my role as SME Week National Coordinator, meet with other departments within the Government and also external stakeholders to prepare events related to the promotion of entrepreneurship, ▪ Coordinate the Sustainable Enterprise Promotion Awards which aims to reward Maltese Enterprises, in particular micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, (or foreign enterprises operating in Malta) for their efforts to change their practices with the aim of increasing economic, social and environmental sustainability. An Evaluation Committee has been set up for these Awards and I act as secretary to the Committee, ▪ I have also been responsible to assist entities in the implementation of EU funded projects and schemes from application stage till closure and monitor their progress status and to co-ordinate EU-Funded Projects