Andry Tiana Ravalomanda
Ministry of Industry and Private Sector Development
General Director of Private Sector Development
I am the General Director for Private Sector Development within the Ministry of Industry and Private Sector Development in Madagascar. I believe that innovation and technology play an important role for businesses to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. I am in charge of promoting entrepreneurship, animating public and private dialog and promote investment in Madagascar. I am promoting new inclusive business models for industries enhancing social impact and sustainability. I have been running a IT company for 10 years and a business consultant in CSR and SDGs. I was involved in the private sector as a board member of two professional associations: GOTICOM and JPM (Jery Paika hoan’I Madagasikara). Our role is to help our members to develop their business by: enhancing business networking, providing training, capacity building and lobbying in the government. Over the years, we have become the government's main interlocutor regarding economic development policies workshops. I believe that the economic development of Madagascar will come from a strong, dynamic and innovative private sector. Looking out for the future, I share my experience with the younger generation and took part in leadership programs and association. I have been selected among the 500 young African leaders to follow intense training in the USA and meet President Obama in Washington DC (YALI 2014 Washington fellows). During my training at Yale University I had time to reflect on the importance of strong leadership and self-awareness, as Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I advocate for the implementation of incubation centers in Madagascar that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship.