Anders Hoffmann
Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate
Deputy Permanent Secretary
Anders Hoffmann previously served as Deputy Director General at the Danish Business Authority. He holds a PhD in Economics. As Deputy Director General he is responsible for developing and implementing most of business development policies in Denmark both at the national but also regional level. He has previous been involved in a range of projects related to the development of a theoretical approach to micro--policy research, and has also been a key participant in the practical use of benchmarking analysis in identifying best--practice policies and evaluating the effects of policy instruments at a micro-level. Dr. Hoffmann was previously employed as a Senior Economist with the OECD supervising a team of economists and statisticians and coordinating activities related to micro--policy benchmarking. Prior to this Dr. Hoffmann served in various leadership positions with the Danish Ministry of Trade and Industry. Dr. Hoffmann also served as External Assistant Professor in International Economics at the Copenhagen Business School. He has published articles in several major journals including Journal of International Economics and Economic Modeling.