Andrés Enrique Galindo Bernal
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
In my role as Advisor in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, I have been working on the development of policies forr two strategic topics for the development of business: innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, I have worked in the formulation of the National Policy to promote the orange economy, which includes creative and cultural industrias, and software and othe IT industries. In other past jobs, I worked in the Productive Transformation Program, advising the strategies for the development of companies involved in the most promising sectors of the country; designing the strategic actions on innovation, productivity improvement, and businesses promotion; and supporting the strategy of regionalization of the program in 30 departments of the country according to their prioritized economic sectors. In the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, I advised the reformulation and implementation of the new business training program "Innovation Management" funded by the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia; coordinated the "Intellectual Property Colombia Program" funded by the Inter-American Development Bank; and gave advise for the development of the self-diagnosis tool for enterprises to assess their innovation, design and information and communication technologies abilities and expertise.