Unlike traditional policy hacks where challenges are chosen by the organizers, the SNS Policy Hack called for team leaders who bring specific, real challenges to the table, along with a preliminary idea of how to address such challenges and the commitment to test the hacked solution in their respective ecosystems.

A policy hack is a collaborative way of developing a policy. Each SNS Policy Hack team will consist of a team leader, peer policymakers and entrepreneurs. Team leaders will be supported by mentors to flesh out the design and implementation of their proposed solution.

Delegates to SNS 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia this November may still request to be matched with one of the following team leaders by sending an email to sarolta@genglobal.org (please state your experience in dealing with similar policy issues as your chosen team leader).


Team Leader: Sigrid Rajalo, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia

The aim of team seven is to create a platform for pre-procurement dialogue between procurers and companies. This platform must make dialogue between public sector procurers and companies more transparent, easier and more effective. Ideally, the procurers that use the new platform are more likely to procure the right thing. The platform can additionally be used by enterprises and well-informed people, who may not offer the solution themselves, but offer their network of knowledge and people to connect the procurers with the right partners from the market. During SNS Policy Hack, some key assumptions and features of such a platform will be discussed.

The team members are:

  • Sigrid Rajalo is the Head of Innovation Division at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications,Estonia. She is responsable for development and management of innovation policy in Estonia.
  • Maarika Tork, adviser at the Ministry of Finance Estonia, she works in the field of e-procurement. She is involved with e-procurement policy as well as business requirements and project management for the project of renewing the Estonian e-procurement environment called Procurement Register. She is also member of the EC working group on e-procurement called EXEP.
  • Külli Raidma is the Lead Analyst at Nortal, Estonia. She is working as business systems analyst for the project of creating a new eProcurement Registry for Estonia.​
  • David Moskovitz is the Director of Startup New Zealand and GEN New Zealand. Dave is software developer by trade, as well as an angel investor and company director. He spends most of his time working with startups helping them take their products to a global market. He's currently chair the boards of Publons and The Appreciation Engine, and also on the boards of InternetNZ, Startup NZ, The Domain Name Commission and Open Polytechnic. He's been deeply involved as a mentor in the Lightning Lab accelerator programmes, the R9 Government Accelerator, and over 20 startup weekends.
  • Rui Cardoso is the CivTech® Challenge Sponsor Manager at the Scottish Government in the United Kingdom. Rui is acting as the bridge between public and private sector. Coming from an academic background in economics he's keen to see the impact the pilot will have on the Scottish economy.


Team Leader: Rasha ElTantawy, Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, Egypt.

Rasha and team eight will address the challenges of international expansion for agribusiness startups. She will seek to validate a policy tool to provide soft landing resources in foreign markets, via open dialogue between the cities and bilateral agreements that build on existing trade agreements and history of cooperation.

The team members are:

  • Rasha ElTantawy is the Head of Entrepreneurship and Business Support at Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Information Technology Industry Development Agency, Egypt. Rasha is the head of Business Support and Entrepreneurship at the Technology Innovation and entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), ITIDA. Rasha has built extensive networks and assets in the global entrepreneurial marketplace. An entrepreneur herself is currently on board her company; AGTA packaging. Prior to her position in government, Rasha worked in the construction management as the regional manager of HartMannEgypt.
  • Viljar Lubi is the Deputy Secretary General for Economic Development at the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications (MEAC), Estonia. In January 2013 he resumed its diplomatic career and worked in New Delhi as the first residing Estonian  ambassador to India. His co-accreditations brought him also to Myanmar and Sri Lanka. After 3 years in India he returned to Estonia to be seconded again to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications as deputy secretary general for economic development.
  • Michalis Stangos is a creative entrepreneur. He is the founder and co-founder of innovative and traditional companies and organizations. He is an active consultant of the European Parliament and the European Commission as well as member of the Task Force of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).


Team Leader: Ezrra Orozco, Ministry of the Economy, Guatemala

Vice Minister Orozco proposes achieving new digital instruments that facilitate investment in entrepreneurship and small enterprises. In so doing, he hopes to respond to the problem of entrepreneurs’ difficulty in finding the right funding sources to start and grow their businesses. 

The team members are:

  • Ezrra Orozco is the Vice Minister for SMEs Development at the Ministry of the Economy in Guatemala. Entrepreneur for 10 years, today he works as Vice Minister of SMEs Development of Guatemala. PhD. in Entrepreneurship Sciences, master in Finances and professional in business administration. Experience in business development services and microfinance.
  • Konstantin Berezin is the CEO of BrighTap from Israel. He currently serves as CEO & Founder of Bwareit (BrighTap). He started his career path in Consumer Electronics establishing Samsung Sales & Marketing Branch office in Israel, and then after the successful career, moved to Hi-tech & Environment industry as an entrepreneur. His agenda is to attempt to improve the world and make it be more environmentally friendly.
  • Hugo Kantis is the Founder and Director of Entrepreneurship Development Program (PRODEM), Argentina. Prodem, a think tank combining research and technical assistance to the governments and other organizations of the ecosystem in LATAM. In 2016 he received the Start Up Nations Award for Groundbreaking Policy Thinking. Dr. Kantis has contributed to narrowing the knowledge and talent gaps to foster high-impact entrepreneurship ecosystems in the Latin American region. Specifically, he has led a multi-pronged effort to shift the policy mindset of a whole continent from a focus on microenterprises towards the more ambitious aim of promoting dynamic entrepreneurship from a systemic perspective. His achievements elevated the concept of evidence-based policymaking, as well as encouraged regular regional knowledge exchange to more effectively support entrepreneurs.

For more information about the SNS Policy Hack, please visit the FAQs.

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