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A metropolis where cultures, nature and commerce converge

Located in the East Java Province, Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia after the nation's capital. With a population of 3.3 million, Surabaya is the center of business activity in Eastern Indonesia. 

Famous for its diverse culture resulting from being a hub for commerce and trade, Surabaya features the Kya-Kya Chinese town, as well as the Arabic "kampung" or village.  Must-do activities are visiting the city's collection of historic kampung settlements, as well the numerous city parks and the Kalimas river.


Surabaya's entrepreneurship ecosystem

Some of Surabaya's startup ecosystem highlights are:

Start Surabaya:  This incubation and acceleration program for tech startups has the mission of engaging the city's youth in creative, tech-based businesses that add value to the economy and society.  The program bridges various ecosystem elements and stakeholders, such as academia, media, and the community. 

Koridor CoWorking Space: Open 24 hours, this co-working space located in the heart of the city allows for non-stop idea cross-pollination and contant collisions of talent. 

Economy Heroes: Targeting entrepreneurs of age 40+, this program not only provides business guidance, but also administrative help in obtaining relevant business permits, and mentoring in entering the ASEAN market.

Young Warriors: This training program for citizens aged 25-40 helps young entrepreneur sharpen their business skills. 


International awards and recognition

  • Host of the HABITAT III Conference (2016): With over 30,000 participants from 167 countries, Habitat III had the strongest participation of civil society, stakeholders, and local authorities in the history of the United Nations. More than 2,000 representatives of local and regional governments received accreditation. This success was based on an inclusive and participatory preparatory process.
  • Open Government Asia Award 2017, from Singapore Magazine
  • 2nd Happiest City, by Gallup World Poll 2017
  • UNESCO Learning Cities Award 2017
  • Startup Nations Award for Local Policy Leadership - 2016 Runner up 
  • Best Mayor in the World 2014, from citymayors.com


Surabayan hospitality

In order to facilitate delegates' experience in navigating the SNS program, Liaison Officers (LO) will be assigned to each country delegation. They will assist you with all Summit activities.


City tours

Please see the Tours Help desk to take any of the optional city tours, available daily, such as the one described below.



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