Walking around this UNESCO world heritage capital city feels like a fairytale. This well preserved medieval city was granted city rights in the 13th century by the King of Denmark. Since then, the streets of Tallinn Old Town has seen many world powers, from the Danes and Swedes to Germans, and tsarist and Soviet Russia. 

But for Startup Nations Summit delegates, Estonia offers even more than a wealth of architecture and history. It is the home of a wealth of succesful policy experience in fostering entrepreneurship. You may find some examples on the Startup Nations Atlas of Policies or via Startup Estonia. Estonia most recently made the news when the World Economic Forum highlighted its level entrepreneurial activity as the hightest in Europe.  

Estonia is also a world-renown digital society, often referred to as "E-estonia". From voting to signing documents, Estonia implements a streamlined and modern approach to governance and daily life across sectors, from healthcare and education. As such, Estonia is a world-renowned public sector innovator, having digitalized almost all of its public services over the last 20 years. Lately, Estonia has even opened up all of those services to any entrepreneur in the world, offering e-Residency to those that want a hassle-free and corruption-free entrance to the EU market.

Moreover, Estonia will be holding the revolving presidency of the EU Council during the dates of SNS 2017, which will result in interest of high-level EU policymakers, including Commissioners, Members of European Parliament and others. So beyond serving as the official conclusion of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017, SNS Tallinn will also serve as a bridge to the European SME Week, a pan-European campaign that aims to promote entrepreneurship in Europe.



Planning to explore the SNS host country before or after SNS? Visit Estonia is the official travel guide to the country, offering tips on how to best experience the medieval architecture, untouched nature and Nordic food in Estonia.