SNS Startup Track: Innovation & internationalisation

Event Details :

11:15 - 11:35  A truly sustainable and healthy world: rethink and redesign cities, industries and workplaces

Giuseppe Spanto and Paolo Tripodi (ISCLEANAIR)

Bringing a disruptive air pollution abatement technology to market, the founders of IsCleanAir have discovered ways how to bring together stakeholders in the public administrations, industry and innovation for the development of a more sustainable and healthier world.

11:40 – 11:50  Europe, why it's still not too late to innovate and digitize!

Lorenz Hartung (Techfounders)

As the managing director of Munich-based TechFounders accelerator, Lorenz Hartung has helped many international startups work with corporate companies. From his experiences he has a clear message to Europe's industry players and the public: digitize now!

11:50 - 12:20 Trial and Error - experiences from going international

Martin Villig (Taxify), Dolf Wittkaemper (EIT Digital), Lorenz Hartung (Techfounders ), moderated by Alexis Poulin

Going international with a startup via the corporate road is as promising as it is challenging. On this panel, entrepreneurs and the managers of two internationally renowned accelerators focusing on deep tech and B2B solutions share their experiences and discuss opportunities and limitations of startup and corporate collaboration in internationalization.

Event Time : 11:15 Wednesday - To - 12:30 Wednesday

Event Venue : Kultuurikatel Black Box