Crash course on Estonian eGovernance (group breakouts)

Event Details :

This portion will offer an interactive breakouts offering Q&A with experts, mentors and companies.

Group A: eGovernance Technology Track

Electronic Identity.
Andrus Kaarelson, Estonian Information System Authority. 
X-road – Integrating Government Silos.
Riho Oks, CEO, Roksnet. 
Privacy & Technology.
Andres Kütt, Cybernetica/TeamConsulting. 

Group B: eGovernance Business Track

Government Business Services.
Kätlin Kattai, Head of International Relations, Centre of Registers & Information Systems. 
Henri Lindeberg, Development Specialist, Tax and Customs Board.
e-Residency and startups.
Erik Mell, CEO, Leapin. 

GROUP C: E-governance Citizen Track

Priit Vinkel, Head of Electoral Office, State Electoral Office.
Piret Hirv, Advisor, e-Services Development & Innovation, Ministry of Social Affairs.
Ave Lauringson, Advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications.

GROUP D: eGovernance Policy Track

e-Governance and Real-Time Economy.
Mihkel Solvak, University of Tartu.
Technology and Governance.
Robert Krimmer, Tallinn University of Technology.
Exporting e-Governance.
Arvo Ott, CEO, eGovernance Academy. 

Event Time : 17:15 Monday - To - 18:15 Monday

Event Venue : Radisson Blu Sky Hotel Hansa Room Second Floor