How to Address Policy Issues Faced by Entrepreneurs:
Bring together startups and policymakers to hack them!

by Martha Ivanovas, Dell

Entrepreneurs are key drivers of innovation. From breakthroughs in healthcare to green tech, entrepreneurs are solving global problems large and small. Startups also drive growth prospects, with 42% of working-age adults globally seeing good opportunities for starting a business.

Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA at Dell, going back to our founder. We have a history of supporting entrepreneurs and have learned that issues around access to capital, markets, talent and technology often stand in the way of their success.

We at Dell are working to help entrepreneurs thrive by providing them with the access they need to those four pillars of innovation. We have also seen that when entrepreneurs and policymakers work together they can address many challenges. Governments, policymakers and regulators around the world have a role to play in enabling entrepreneurs to innovate and excel while ensuring public policy objectives.

That’s why at Dell we are working with global leaders to advocate on behalf of small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Dell PolicyHacks are part of that advocacy. They bring together those with a stake in the entrepreneurship ecosystem from around the world.

It makes for a powerful mix when policymakers and startups team up to brainstorm solutions to help entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. It means working together to arrive at a solution to a policy challenge that is innovative, can be replicated and has prospects of being adopted. And convincing others to vote in favor.

We have seen practical and innovative solutions to many challenges. Solutions that range from creating public private partnerships to support women entrepreneurs to introducing incentives for local governments to prioritize STEM education.

It is in the world’s best interest that entrepreneurs thrive. By helping to develop policy solutions that address issues entrepreneurs face, we are helping to build an ecosystem that gives rise to exciting new technologies, creates jobs and solves global problems.