What is the Startup Nations Summit?

The Startup Nations Summit (SNS) is the annual gathering of an invitation-only network of policy influencers from around the world committed to help better enable high impact entrepreneurship through the identification of policy levers and smart public-sector-driven programs. More information about this network is available at startupnations.co.

At the annual Summit, Startup Nations members share ideas about innovative new approaches their countries are taking -- and also share candid assessments on what is working and what is not. 

If you wish to request an invitation please email cristina@genglobal.org with information about your role and interest in entrepreneurship policymaking.


When and where will Startup Nations Summit 2017 take place?

The host city for SNS 2017 is Tallinn, Estonia. The Summit will take place from November 20 – 22, 2017.

The Startup Nations Summit is in its sixth year and is an initiative of the Global Entrepreneurship Network that is co-hosted in a different country each year. Joining GEN this year as co-hosts are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia along with Startup Estonia. The summit is supported by the European Commission, EIT Digital and Dell.

SNS is likely to draw hundreds of entrepreneurship policymakers and advisors, as well as representatives of public and private sector organizations from around the world who are interested in understanding and sharing international best practice in helping high impact entrepreneurs start and scale new enterprises via innovative policy levers. 

If you have any questions about logistics (e.g. accommodation options), please contact startupnations@loweurope.eu.


Where has the Startup Nations Summit been held before?

The following cities have hosted previous editions of the Startup Nations Summit:

  • 2012: Toronto, Canada
  • 2013: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2014: Seoul, Korea
  • 2015: Monterrey, Mexico
  • 2016: Cork, Ireland


What is the relationship between the Startup Nations Summit and the European Commission's SME Assembly?

The European Commission's SME Assembly (November 22-24, 2017) will immediately follow SNS in Tallinn. This SME Assembly will gather more than 500 entrepreneurs, policymakers and  innovators, in the context of Estonia's Presidency of the EU Council. The SME Assembly represents an unique opportunity for SNS delegates to deep-dive the European approach to entrepreneurship ecosystem-building. However, the Assembly is by personal invitation only. If you are interested in receiving a personal invitation, please contact smeassembly@loweurope.eu.