Immediately following the Startup Nations Summit in Tallinn, Estonia this November, the European Commission’s SME Assembly will offer a deep-dive into Europe’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Of special interest to the global delegates staying in Tallinn will be the opportunity to listen to the needs entrepreneurs will voice at the SME Assembly. For a second year, the Youth Essay Competition, organized by the European Commission Directorate General for Single Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, will channel the voice of young people ages 16 to 25, who will submit their thoughts on “What skills do tomorrow's entrepreneurs need?”

The submission period is open until September 8, for qualifying young people who wish to enter their perspectives on how European policy can help shape the future; or on what government, academic institutions and businesses can do to ensure that young people can acquire the skills they need for tomorrow’s world of work.

The three finalists selected by the jury will attend the SME Assembly in Tallinn, where they will be able to discuss their ideas with Startup Nations Summit attendess and Assembly delegates, and provide valuable input from to policy shapers. Cristina Fernandez, vice president for policy and research at GEN, will be one of the judges for the competition.