SNS delegates come from around the world.

Nmohamed_1028's picture
Small and Medium Enterprises Development Directorate
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Tamkeen (Labour Fund)
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Bahrain Economic Development Board
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Association of International Business & Technologies (AMBiT)
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ABC Accelerator
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Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
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The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey
Adelaida & Ingraham Solutions
Adelaide Healey Ltd.
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Current: East Los Angeles College, Past: Los Angeles Mayor's Office
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Nusantara Innovation Forum
Alanna Fernandes Co.KG.
Alejandro Nugan GbR
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Networks INT
Alica Pocock GmbH
Allie Gadson GmbH
Alphonso Pickett Co.KG.
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RKW Kompetenzzentrum
Amanda Poupinel Co.KG.
Amos Hamann GmbH
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Ministère de l'Industrie, du Commerce et de l'Artisanat
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Cleantech ForEst
Annetta Niland GbR
Arielle Ritz GmbH
Swanston This Internet page Arnoldo LLC
Arnulfo 1st kohls Dunbabin CO KG
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Global Entrepreneurship Research Network
Austin Weiss Co.KG.
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Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment
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Future Cities Catapult
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European Commission
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Dinas Kominfo Kota Bitung
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Startup Poland
Terpstra love it Terpstra GbR
Bella McKelvy INC.
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Asociación Española de Startups
Bianca website & Bianca AG
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FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency
France Digitale
Booker Midgett AG.
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Global Entrepreneurship Network
France Digitale
Brain Busby Co.KG.
Inoxcamlockfittings AG
Broderick Flanagan Ltd.
Brooke Streeter mbH
Brooks Carrell AG.
Brooks Macknight Ltd.
Bryon Bellew mbH
Buford Hayner AG.
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Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses
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Ministry of Planning and Investment
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Diskominfo-Statistik Kabupaten Enrekang Sulsel
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Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication
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Candida Freel Co.KG.
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Scottish Government
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Carissa Eisenberg GmbH
Carmella Sellar GbR
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European Small Business Alliance
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Students for Intellectual Property
Cary Catalan GbR
Caryn Beauregard Holding
Caryn Venuti AG.
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e-Residency, Republic of Estonia
Cathern Barclay mbH
Cesar Hennings Holding
Charley Goldsmith INC.
Charlie Wieck Holding
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Global Entrepreneurship Network
Chau Almond AG.
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GEN Thailand
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Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Dominican Republic
Chelsea Chacon Holding
Christel Siddins GbR
Chu Bock INC.
Claire Nall Co.KG.
Claudia Tilly GbR
Cleo Greenwell GmbH
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Dublin Institute of Technology
Coral Hollins Holding
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Italian Ministry of Economic Development
Cornell Moreton AG.
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Hull City Council
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GEN Global
Cyril Oxley GbR
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Damian Till mbH
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Ministry of Planning and Investment
Darell Ackermann mbH
Darin Spinks AG.
Darin Fifer mbH
Darrin Zimmermann Ltd.
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Deandre Brannon Co.KG.
Declan Bruni Ltd.
Delores Macleod mbH
Delores O'Malley INC.
Demetra McCloughry GbR
Denese Gibb GmbH
Denis Hunt Holding
Dewayne Bernier INC.
Dexter FitzRoy INC.
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Start-Up Chile
Donny Kelley INC.
Dorcas Salting Holding
Dorcas Rankine Co.KG.
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Public Foundation "KG Labs"
Eartha Laborde INC.
Eden Saranealis Co.KG.
Eden Daley Ltd.
Edison Roepke mbH
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Rubiks Digital
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The World Bank
Elijah Aspinall GbR
Elma Samons mbH
Elsie Schindler mbH
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Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Information Technology Industry Development Agency
Elton Nieves GmbH
Elton Trost GmbH
Emmett Loftis GbR
Eric Billiot mbH
Ernestine Icely INC.
IFC Belarus
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Ultimate Performance
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Felipa Blacklock GbR
Fermin Andrzejewski Holding
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GEN Global
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France Digitale
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Cork Innovates
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Startup Canada
Frank McCrea AG.
Freda Linsley GmbH
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Dinas Komunikasi dan Informatika Kabupaten Kotawaringin Timur
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
Garnet Schiller mbH
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Startup Genome
Gavin Tran Holding
Georgiana & Georgiana Holding
Gino Ocampo AG.
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Fundación Empretec Argentina
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International Association TIP
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National Agency of Research and Innovation
Gregory Dorn Ltd.
Gretchen Kaminski INC.
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Ministry for the Economy, Investment & Small Businesses
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e-Residency, Republic of Estonia
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Digital India Foundation
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Ministry of Tourism of Uzbekistan
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Dell Technologies
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Center for Entrepreneurship LLC
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Hayden Laseron INC.
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South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (SEECEL)
Herman Sheedy mbH
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Surabaya City Government
Surabaya City Government
Hester Shafer Holding
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Hiram Watkin Co.KG.
Hiram visit the next website & Hiram AG
Ministry f social Affairs
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Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund
German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce
Hollie Beattie AG.
Hollie Whitis GbR
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Ida Wolff GbR
Ida Roe Ltd.
Iesha Beich Holding
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Buildit Invest
mchern_787's picture
Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs
Iola Dease Holding
Irish Chambliss mbH
Irwin Holding
Isabelle Pacheco mbH
Ivan Leonski Ltd.
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Danish Business Authoriry
paul.jaakson_644's picture
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
liina.kuld_689's picture
Government Office of Estonia
Jaclyn Reinhardt Co.KG.
katarzyna.jakimowicz_859's picture
The Lisbon Council, a leading EU Brussels-based policy think tank
Jamaal Tan Co.KG.
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GEN Saudi Arabia
Jame Amador AG.
Jamika Cass GbR
Jan Weeks Ltd.
Janna Almeida INC.
Jarrod Wall GbR
Jason Conroy AG.
Jayson Gilpin AG.
Jeffrey Wolken Holding
Jere McCarthy Holding
Jesus Shinn mbH
Jill Pedersen mbH
Jimmy Dayton Ltd.
Jorge Marryat mbH
Julian Goldfarb Co.KG.
Julissa Schutt AG.
June Lonon mbH
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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication
andrus.kaarelson_850's picture
Information System Authority
Marten.Kaevats_780's picture
Government Office of Estonia
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Congolese Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
Belarusian Innovation Fund
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Prime Minister's Office
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Maria 01
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Director, Entrepreneurship Development Program (PRODEM)
Realhomeadvisor Wixsite GbR
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Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA)
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Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK)
akhamiankova_775's picture
Development Bank
henrik.keinonen_862's picture
NewCo Helsinki
Kellie Ratcliffe Co.KG.
Keri Macrossan mbH
n_767's picture
Belbiz, Imaguru
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GEN Pakistan
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Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA)
hrkim_344's picture
Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation
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Ministry of SMEs & Startups
henri.klemmer_656's picture
Hepta Airborne
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Startup Nations South Africa
arne.koitmae_891's picture
State Electoral Office Of Estonia
m.kondratavicius_858's picture
Startup Lithuania
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Republic of Estonia
kaspar.kork_687's picture
Enterprise Estonia
jamesromeokoroma_762's picture
Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Kory Brodzky Holding
lenard_641's picture
Allied for Startups
Jak.Koseff_1031's picture
Office of the Premier - Gauteng Provincial Government
johanna.kotipelto_751's picture
Prime Minister's Office
koutras_827's picture
Ministry of Economy
robert.krimmer_816's picture
Tallinn University of Technology
Kristy Fikes GmbH
raminta.krulikauskiene_761's picture
Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania
Krystle Tunstall mbH
stephan_786's picture
Tech City UK
taina.kulmala_748's picture
Prime Minister's Office
khkum_343's picture
Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation
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GEN Taiwan
GEN Taiwan
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Ikatan mahasiswa Muhammadiyah
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evelin.kuuse_563's picture
Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU
Lacey Ann GmbH
tim.lagerpusch_894's picture
elisabeth.lambrecht_721's picture
Latesha Dunhill GbR
Latia Yeo Holding
Latonya Muriel GmbH
Latosha Meadows Holding
Latoya Ruggiero INC.
mart_666's picture
Laura Gascoigne mbH
ave.lauringson_753's picture
Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Lavina Shick Holding
Dupuis hemp oil Lavonne GbR
Lawrence Irwin AG.
jorgelawson_658's picture
Banco de la Nación Argentina
Lee Loughman Ltd.
D.CAMP and Startup Korea
sami.lehto_856's picture
RANCHISING® / Goodmood Highland Ltd
Lelia Gertz Holding
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Contriber Ventures
boris_746's picture
Asociacion de Emprendedores de Guatemala
Lena Marchant Holding
Leonie Ricketson AG.
Leopoldo Mcmichael mbH
Leora Greaves mbH
Lester Rae INC.
Realhomeadvisor Wixsite you could check here Solutions
Lettie Rolfe Co.KG.
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Startup Estonia
Lillian Schulze Ltd.
sarit.p_706's picture
Ministry of Digital Economy and Society
hunter.linhc_1018's picture
Taipei City Government