The Startup Nations Summit (SNS) features startup-savvy policy advisors and startup community leaders collaborating on innovative new policies and public sector-driven programs to better promote high-impact entrepreneurship. It gathers Startup Nations members more than 70 countries -- ranging from national initiatives focused on immigration programs to attract entrepreneurial talent (e.g. Startup Chile and Startup Denmark) to policy initiatives concentrating on expanding entrepreneurial finance programs (e.g. Mexico’s National Institute of the Entrepreneur). Startup Nations also engages strong city-level initiatives that tackle similar ecosystem challenges at the local-level and often inspire action at the national-level.

Startup Nations is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN). GEN cohosts the Startup Nations Summit each year in late November as the official conclusion to Global Entrepreneurship Week. The summit launched in 2012 in Ottawa, Canada, and has since been held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Seoul, South Korea; and Monterrey, Mexico.

Cork is the official host city for 2016, thanks to the leadership of Startup Ireland and its partnership with Cork Innovates.

The Summit offers policy advisors an international forum in which to listen to and learn from their peers grappling with similar policy challenges. During the Summit, delegates are able to exchange information with policy leaders about cutting-edge government programs and regulatory practices aimed at increasing new firm formation and gain insight about the ways in which other national governments support entrepreneurs.