Startup Nations Summit


November 18-20, 2016.


About the Startup Nations Summit

What is the Startup Nations Summit?

The Startup Nations Summit (SNS) gathers a network of startup community leaders and policymakers from around the world to help better enable high impact entrepreneurship, especially through the identification of policy levers and smart public sector driven programs.

Following SNS Toronto in 2012, SNS Kuala Lumpur in 2013, SNS Seoul in 2014 and SNS Monterrey in 2015, Startup Ireland, in partnership with Cork Innovates, is hosting its fellow Startup Nations members for the first time in Europe.

At this fifth edition of SNS, Startup Nations members will continue their work to unearth and evaluate new effective policy levers and public sector-driven programs that are making an impact in advancing entrepreneurial growth around the world.

At the SNS, Startup Nations, for a second year, will recognize innovative public sector leaders and policy approaches from around the world through the Startup Nations Awards.


Featured Delegates

The Startup Nations Summit attracts speakers and delegates who are startup policy champions from around the world, dedicated to helping new businesses start and scale.

Rasha Y. ElTantawy
Head of Entrepreneurship and Business Support, TIEC Egypt
Mari Vavulski
Head, Startup Estonia
Daniels Pavluts
Former Minister of Economy, Latvia
Kwanghyon Kim
Executive Director, Startup Korea
Thomas Martin Cooney
Policy Advisor to the Irish Government
Rebeca Hwang
Co-founder, Startup Nations
Alexander McCauley
CEO, StartupAUS
Antonija Mrsic
Head of Sector for International Cooperation & Innovation, Croatian Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts
Mattia Corbetta
Member of DG for Industrial Policy, Italian Ministry of Economic Development
Jonathan Ortmans
President, Global Entrepreneurship Network
Dane Stangler
Vice President, Kauffman Foundation
Anders Hoffmann
Deputy Director General, Danish Business Authority
Adriana Tortajada
Director, Mexico Ventures
Harald Mahrer
State Secretary, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics
Zoltan Acs
Founder and President, Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute
Maria Palmieri
Senior Policy Manager, Tech City UK


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